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URGENT: Direct URL Stream Update

If you are using our direct URLs in your apps or devices or websites we ask that you please update your stream URLs by copying the new URLs from your account area.

The secure version stream is much more stable and will not drop out.

The old 'http' version of the streams will no longer work after today.
Thank you,

RFMR Support Team

Access to Direct Streams Available...
When you register you are now able to access the direct URL radio streams outside of the RFMR interface allowing you to use our music in your internet radio services, SONOS systems and live streaming applications such as Youtube Live.

Set Audio Insert Volume
In the Audio Insert section of your admin area, you can now set the volume of your audio inserts and the overall volume of the radio stream so that your audio ads stand out more.

Audio Insert Volume

Available in the UK
Yes, our service is available and legal to use in the UK. In fact, the majority of our clients are based in the UK. We also service all of Europe, India, the US, and many other countries. Currently we are not available in Russia, China, Pakistan or Ukraine.

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You can update your Credit Card information by clicking the button given below.
You can change your subscription plan by clicking the button given below.
Your subscription is active and you can unsubscribe from RoyaltyFreeMusicRadio by clicking the button given below.
Using this section you can configure and download the digital version of license for your subscription period.
Configure & Download Digital License for the period (Jan, 2018 - March, 2018):
First Name:
Last Name:

License will be generated and downloaded as PDF file.

Using this section you can use your own audio files to play over the tracks of the playing station like audio advertisements.

We call it 'Audio-Insert'. You can add as many audio-inserts as you want. You can set a delay between to adjasent audio-inserts.

Setting up audio-inserts can be done in 3 easy steps.

Upload audio file. You can upload the audio file in any popular file format. Even video files like .MP4, .MPG and .FLV are supported. Audio tracks of the uploaded video files will be used.
Edit audio file. Edit the uploaded audio file and you can even apply Fade-in/Fade-out effect on the audio.
Save audio file. After editing save the audio file as audio-insert. If you enable the feature the audio-insert(s) will play on the playing music track as audio advertisement(s).
Manage the audio-insert(s) by clicking the button given below.
You can not use this feature because your subscription is not active.

All RoyaltyFreeMusicRadio stations can be directly played in your SONOS or other external streaming device. You can copy the streaming url for each station and can add to your SONOS playlist. Your current IP address will be automatically whitelisted. You can add more IP addresses to the whitelist by clicking the 'Manage IP Address(es)' button.

Station Action
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To stream Royalty Free Music Radio stations into your favorite external audio device, you must add your IP address to the whitelist. You can add maximum 5 IP addresses to the whitelist.

If you need to whitelist the IP address of another internet connection, you can use the following url. Copy the following url and open it any browser using the internet connection you want to detect the IP address. The IP address of that internet connection will be detected instantly.

Your Current IP Address:
IP Address (Max. 5)
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Partners In Rhyme Inc.
1223 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90403 USA

Email: [email protected]

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Royalty Free Music Radio Explained...

Personalize with your own brand...

You can use the Royalty Free Music Radio service via this website. When you use the Royalty Free Music Radio service in your place of business you can personalize and brand our radio streams by uploading your own audio commercials, announcements and station IDs.

Completely Legal...

We are making this service available to you to use as background music in your place of business with no fear of hassles from PROs such as ASCAP and BMI and PRS. A downloadable pdf certificate of authentication means no more PRO agents bothering you asking for payments.
The important thing to remember is that if you use our service it has to be the ONLY music you play in your place of business or our guarantee is void.

We can offer this to your company because our composers have signed a contract with us waiving their right to collect royalties via PROs and instead they collect 20% of our subscription revenue directly from us every month. A much better deal for them.

Simple to use...

To use the service simply plug your iPhone or store computer into a set of speakers, open the app (either in your phone or on this website) and login and start playing music. We have a wide variety of genres to choose from and they all contain very long playlists so you will never get bored.


Royalty Free Music Radio is the least expensive subscription music service on the market plus you have exactly $0.00 in start up costs (most competing services require you to buy hardware and players from them).
The basic package lets you use the service in up to 10 locations and the corprate package lets you use the service in up to 100 locations.
All competing music services would charge a separate subscription fee for each location.
Plus our music is better :)


Partners In Rhyme Inc is an international company and we have been licensing and distributing music all over the world for over 20 years now.
You can legally use the Royalty Free Music Radio service anywhere in the world. No problem.

Check out our LinkedIn profile...


Basic Subscription
$19.95 every 3 months

This plan gives you up to 10 locations or stores.
Plus all of the features below including the ability to upload your own audio ads and announcements into the radio stream

Corporate Subscription
$49.95 every 3 months

This plan gives you up to 50 locations or stores. Plus all of the features below including the ability to upload your own audio ads and announcements into the radio stream

Annual Billing Subscription
$79.95 annually

This plan gives you up to 10 locations or stores.
Plus all of the features below including the ability to upload your own audio ads and announcements into the radio stream


My Account Statistics Tab

When you log into your paid account on a My Account tab will appear in the center area of the interface. This is where you access the features you need to play music in your store or place of business. The first tab in the My Account area is the Statistics tab and that keeps track of what stations you are playing and how much time you are using the radio stations. It also lists your register date and your type of subscription.

My Account Profile Tab

The next tab over is your Profile tab and that simply shows you your personal data plus you can reset your password here.

My Account Subscription Tab

The Subscription tab is an important one as it has all of your subscription information including what type of plan you have, when your next payment is due, etc. This tab also allows you to upgrade your subscription or even suspend your subscription. If you suspend it you don't need to worry as you can always restart it with a click of the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button.

My Account License Tab

The License tab is also a very important feature of the RFMR service as you can download and print out a certificate that states that you have the right to play this music in your place of business with no obligations or royalties paid to any third parties. We pay our composers directly from what we earn cutting out the middleman and their usual steep fee. So in the License tab simply enter the name of the person responsible for the music being played in your establishment, the company/business name and your address. Then hit the download license button and you're good to go. You have to remember that the certificate is dated for the current paid amount of time in your subscription (three months) so you will have to generate another one when the next quarter comes around.

My Account Audio-Insert Tab

The Audio-insert tab is our most recent feature. This is where you can upload and edit audio clips to mix into the radio's stream of music. You can put advertisements or voiceovers or just about anything your want. When the audio-insert plays the music in the station automatically ducks to accommodate then pops back up when the add finishes. In fact we made a little video demo so you can see exactly how everything in the audio-insert area works and exactly what you will be getting when you register for a full account.Here you go... Audio-insert Video Demo