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In Store Music Radio for Free

In Store Music is something that most businesses use as background music for their stores, bars and restaurants, clubs, offices, museums and public buildings, etc. There are many ways of finding in store music but the one issue that many placed have are the fees that are required to be paid to BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN (in the US) for the right to use that music in your place of business. These fees can cripple the budget of a small business or club or restaurant. is offering their in store music service to these small business to use for free. Using our in store music radio stations in your place of business does not require any payments to performing rights agencies such as BMI and ASCAP.
You are welcome to use the free version of the radio station but for a nominal quarterly fee of $19.95 you can tap into the power of
A registered user receives these exclusive features…
1. StaionIDs for RoyaltyFreeMusicRadio In Store Music service are automatically removed.
2. You will be able to add your own audio clips with your own customized advertisments into your personalized music radio stream.
3. You are allowed to use your account in up to 10 locations.
4. You can print out your own PPL certificate to display in your place of business showing you have to right to use the music from our service with no interference from any third party collecting or licensing agency.
5. You can suspend and renew your subscription whenever you need to.

Check out the In Store Music player in your place of business for free today and start saving money for more important things for your business.