Overview of Paid Features

Account Tab

When you log into your paid account on RoyaltyFreeMusicRadio.com a My Account tab will appear in the center area of the interface. This is where you access the features you need to play music in your store or place of business.
The first tab in the My Account area is the Stats tab and that keeps track of what stations you are playing and how much time you are using the radio stations. It also lists your register date and your type of subscription.


Profile Tab

The next tab over is your Profile tab and that simply shows you your personal data plus you can reset your password here.


Subscription Tab

The Subscription tab is an important one as it has all of your subscription information including what type of plan you have, when your next payment is due, etc.
This tab also allows you to upgrade your subscription or even suspend your subscription.
If you suspend it you don’t need to worry as you can always restart it with a click of the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button.


License Tab

The License tab is also a very important feature of the RFMR service as you can download and print out a certificate that states that you have the right to play this music in your place of business with no obligations or royalties paid to any third parties.
We pay our composers directly from what we earn cutting out the middleman and their usual steep fee.
So in the License tab simply enter the name of the person responsible for the music being played in your establishment, the company/business name and your address.
Then hit the download license button and you’re good to go.
You have to remember that the certificate is dated for the current paid amount of time in your subscription (three months) so you will have to generate another one when the next quarter comes around.


Audio-insert Tab

The Audio-insert tab is our most recent feature. This is where you can upload and edit audio clips to mix into the radio’s stream of music. You can put advertisements or voiceovers or just about anything your want.
When the audio-insert plays the music in the station automatically ducks to accommodate then pops back up when the add finishes.
In fact we made a little video demo so you can see exactly how everything in the audio-insert area works and exactly what you will be getting when you register for a full RoyaltyFreeMusicRadio.com account
Here you go…  Audio-insert Video Demo


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